Geoffrey Fox – written words


Eros and Thanatos


I’ve reached a stage of life where I think about mortality almost as often as about sex.
Well, maybe not that often, but still, more than I used to. As Dr. Johnson noted, an unappealable deadline concentrates the mind wonderfully.

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Bolívar could and did, in perfect good faith, assume dictatorial powers without thinking himself any less a “liberator” — because the essence of liberation was the destruction of classical monarchy.  … “democracy” … might mean nothing more than that the ruler’s authority had been acclaimed by a more-or-less sizable crowd of “the people,” for example, his army.

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Historical fiction: impossible and necessary


Anyone who has seriously attempted it knows the impossibility of representing past events authentically, as they were lived and felt by the people involved. …. People then just didn’t think the way we do.

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