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Baltasar Lotroyo

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Baltasar Lotroyo: Poeta, cuentista, aventurero. N. Valencia, Venezuela, 24 de julio de 1963. Desde entonces he rodado por casi todos los países de América y por algunos otros también. Desde el 1986, comparto mi vida con la mundialmente conocida reportera Fidedigna Fuentes (“Fide”, para sus amigos y amigas — lee un reportaje por ella aquí).

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Anti-inauguration protests


The protests against GWB’s inauguration last Saturday [January 20, 2001] were the largest since the anti-Nixon rallies on inauguration day in 1973, the press has informed us. But a lot of newspaper and TV reporters have been pretending not to understand why so many of us were standing in the cold rain in Washington, chanting and waving placards and booing when the dignitaries rolled by Freedom Plaza.

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El fetichismo de la mercancía was said again, this time by another country voice. Finally I got what they were saying: “the fetishism of commodities.” It was a study group, reading volume I of Capital.

I knew something about these kids by now. They were all in their early twenties and they were all veterans of “the war,” the popular insurrection against Somoza which had ended four years earlier.

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