Geoffrey Fox

Other short stories

Some stories and vignettes not included in Welcome to My Contri.

On a Page from Rilke. From Above Ground: An Anthology of Living Fiction, ed. J. L. Morin. New York: Harvard Square Editions, 2009. First published online in Looking Glass, 1994.

Stairways. Small Spiral Notebook, Spring 2006. Explicit and intense encounter of a very young man with a slightly older woman, in a territory foreign to both of them.

From a Trolley Stop in Amsterdam. Originally published in InkPot #5 (2004). A vignette about immigration and displacement.

The Saddest Song in the World. 2001. The things that can occur on the New York subway.

Courbet and the Red Virgin. The Copperfield Review, Summer 2001. Gustave Courbet and Louise Michel meet during  the Paris Commune (written as a TV screenplay).

Bravo, Scrittore! Linnaean Street, Spring 2001. Creative non-solution of a problem in Naples.

Melliflua and the Fauns. In Posse (Web del Sol), Spring 2001 — A fable about a preteen girl and some hairy, horny boys in a magical forest near Naples.

Moonbeams and Rectangles. Linnaean Street, Summer 2000. Cuba’s revolution, semi-frozen.

Adultery and Africa. 1993. This is the original version of a story that was published, slightly revised, in Neworld Review, November 2009.

Tidbinbilla and Hunting the Thylacine. Two tales from Australia. “Tidbinbilla” was published in Central Park, Spring 1992.

Zen Garden. The Threepenny Review, Spring 1999. A meditation on meditation, Kyoto.

The Fall of Randall Smullyan. A fable first published in Vigil Anti No. 4, Vigil 9, 1993.

Kitten on the Keys. A silly little piece from the 1980s, on the frustrations and satisfactions of the writer.