Geoffrey Fox

Hispanic Nation

Hispanic Nation: Culture, Politics and the Constructing of Identity. Birch Lane Press, 1996; University of Arizona Press (paperback), 1997.

Reviews: Washington Post, Booklist, The Latino Review of Books, and others.

In the most revealing book on Hispanic culture since Earl Shorris’s Latinos, Fox examines how Spanish-language television, radio, newspapers, books, and magazines create a common set of images that reinforce certain values such as family loyalty. . . . His incisive portrait surveys the web of political, community and voluntary associations through which Hispanics are gaining clout, and also scans memoirs, novels, paintings and music that are helping to forge a sense of shared identity.    —Publishers Weekly

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Featured in the 6-part radio series “Hispanic Nation: Made in the U.S.A.” broadcast nationwide during Hispanic Heritage Month (September-October) 1998.

Good Day New York, Fox Television. Interview of Geoffrey Fox on Hispanic Nation, November 26, 1996

A University of Arizona Press “Best Seller”

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