Geoffrey Fox

Working class emigres from Cuba

Working-Class Émigrés from Cuba. Palo Alto: R&E Research Publications, 1979.

Published version of Ph.D. Dissertation “Working-Class Émigrés from Cuba: A Study of Counterrevolutionary Consciousness.”  Northwestern University, Department of Sociology, 1975. Based on extensive, open-ended interviews of some 50 Cubans recently arrived in Chicago in 1969-70, almost all former wage-workers in Cuba, to discover what motivated working-class people to abandon a revolution carried out in their name. Tapes of these interviews are now held

Chapters from this dissertation were reworked as articles and book chapters:

Race and Class in Contemporary Cuba. In Cuban Communism, edited by Irving Louis Horowitz. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books, 1981 (and other editions)
Race, Sex and Revolution in Cuba. In Interracial Marriage, edited by I. R. Stuart and L. E. Abt. New York: Grossman, 1973
Honor, Shame and Women’s Liberation in Cuba: The Views of Working-Class Émigré Men. Female and Male in Latin America, edited by Ann Pescatello. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1973