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Ten days in Iran: 1


From September 7-17, Susana and I were part of a 12-person tour of Iran  organized by The Nation magazine, from Tehran to Kashan to Isfahan to Persepolis to Shiraz, in the company of an extraordinarily well-prepared and multilingual guide (Ali Sadrnia, the tall man in the back row of the photo of our group, taken … read more »

Coming events!


I’ve got lots to tell you but all our travels and then a connectivity glitch have interrupted my efforts to post. Here is a quick list of upcoming topics, to be developed once we finally get home and can catch up and settle into our work routine. Iran:  Our ten-day tour (September 7-17) with pictures, … read more »

The Mediterranean world circa 1520

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Leo the African by Amin Maalouf My rating: 4 of 5 stars Amin Malouf’s first novel is a wonderfully vivid reimagining of the life of Hasan al-Wazzan, better known as Leo Africanus, the 16th century chronicler whose Della descrittione dell’Africa et delle cose notabili che iui sono was for decades Europe’s principal reference work on … read more »