Geoffrey Fox – written words


Posterity year 3000


Sounds like a great bargain. A bunch of people I don’t know and can’t even imagine, who no doubt will have other things on their minds, will find an ancient book on matters that have long been forgotten, written in a language nobody any more knows how to read ­ if anybody knows how to read at all in the year 3000.

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Pequeña biblioteca comentada

En Español

 Alegre, Manuel. O Homem do País Azul

“El hombre del país azul” es el héroe revolucionario que todos nosotros — los de la generación de Manuel Alegre (n. 1936) y con preocupaciones por la justicia social — nos imaginábamos.

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Five-year plan


I welcome the new responsibilities that accrue with age, and commit myself to trying to fulfill them. [Here’s] …what I will try to do in the next five years. And maybe longer, but let’s just take things one lustrum (5-year period) at a time. (2016.4.3)

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