Geoffrey Fox


Pundit on 9/11


I’m not cut out to be a pundit — I don’t trust my own instant opinions. But I had to say something. I think what I said was that the aggression of Sept. 11 had been so extreme, that it called for an extreme response, and I was not prepared to condemn the attacks [bombing of Afghanistan] without knowing a lot more about them. (2001.10.07)

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Work in progress


Ch. 4 of The Bookbinder
… He felt excited and alert as he climbed — he was going to see his city-cousin, his cousin who had prospered here, but the signs, the damp, dark staircase, the poorly maintained building, the smells of dirt and filth, were all ambiguous. At the top of the stairs he dropped his bag and called, “Maurice!”

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Books I Promise Not to Write


Three Books I Promise Not to Write … I have reconsidered some of my book ideas. I now promise not to impose on the world any of the following:

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