Geoffrey Fox – written words


Doder, Yugoslavs


Looked at another way, Yugoslavia is an underdeveloped country that has retained the party dictatorship of European Communism, added the social democratic institution of self-management, but surrendered its economic planning to the vagaries of a world market dominated by the developed capitalist countries, the whole thing barely held together by the ad hoc improvisations of the aged Marshall Tito.  (Minneapolis Tribune, Sun., July 23, 1978)

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A Gift for the Sultan


A Byzantine princess is snatched and entrusted to a fierce Ottoman warrior to deliver to the sultan as part of a surrender package of the city, until an unexpected overturn of the political chessboard changes all their fates.

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… as in 1901, when Strindberg wrote “The Dreamplay,” it seems as though There Is No Alternative (“TINA” – see Daniel Singer’s 1999 book on this tyrannical goddess). Of course, there is an alternative, there always is. Let us pray, to whatever gods we find within ourselves, that it is not the kind of alternative Europe created for itself in 1914. (2000.12.04)

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