Geoffrey Fox


God-fearing atheism


There are, it seems, people even in this country, even in this century, who honestly, unironically believe that there is an intelligent, self-conscious force above and beyond humanity and that this force — generally thought of as male, and generally called God — has a will that it exercises over us and everything in the universe.

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A Gift for the Sultan


A Byzantine princess is snatched and entrusted to a fierce Ottoman warrior to deliver to the sultan as part of a surrender package of the city, until an unexpected overturn of the political chessboard changes all their fates.

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Podemos- simple solutions


Podemos has been accused of offering too-simple solutions to complex problems. That is certainly true, but the accusation is equally applicable to the Rajoy government in Spain and the European Central Bank and Angela Merkel: staying the course of “austerity” has been a far too simple solution to debt, deficit and depression. (Counterpunch, )

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