Geoffrey Fox – written words


Visit to Russia — Susana’s travelogue


SHHHHHHH!!! The young guards were, very loudly, making sure we didn’t make any noise going down the steps of Lenin’s Mausoleum in almost complete darkness.

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El fetichismo de la mercancía was said again, this time by another country voice. Finally I got what they were saying: “the fetishism of commodities.” It was a study group, reading volume I of Capital.

I knew something about these kids by now. They were all in their early twenties and they were all veterans of “the war,” the popular insurrection against Somoza which had ended four years earlier.

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Conceal your pastimes


You’re under no necessity to compose;
Why you should wish to publish, heaven knows.
There’s no excuse for printing tedious rot
Unless one writes for bread, as you do not.
temptation, then, I beg of you;
Conceal your pastimes from the public view.
Molière, The Misanthrope

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