Geoffrey Fox – written words




My father in his last years was tentatively diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s. I never believed it. Now, new research on the human genome and, among other things, how canaries learn new songs brings us a little closer to understanding how memory works, and why it doesn’t.

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Bolívar could and did, in perfect good faith, assume dictatorial powers without thinking himself any less a “liberator” — because the essence of liberation was the destruction of classical monarchy.  … “democracy” … might mean nothing more than that the ruler’s authority had been acclaimed by a more-or-less sizable crowd of “the people,” for example, his army.

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Bush v. Gore


[A prediction made in November 2000, Bush v. Gore and Florida recount]: Even if [George W.] Bush is installed as our next president, the struggle will continue among the corporate leaders for control of the executive committee of the ruling class. And the New Economy people will demand some participation (and very likely will succeed in making their own candidate our next president, in 2004). [Nov. 2017 correction: No, it didn’t happen in 2004, but in 2008, in part for the reasons I anticipated.]

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