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Art: For what?


Art? What is it and what’s it for? These eternal questions kept coming up on our very artsy visit to London last week, where we took in:   Hajj: journey to the heart of Islam at the British Museum; Dickens & London at the Museum of London; the play “The Pitmen Painters” at the Duchess Theatre on Drury Lane, and even a visit to ancient Stonehenge. (2012/02/27))

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El fetichismo de la mercancía was said again, this time by another country voice. Finally I got what they were saying: “the fetishism of commodities.” It was a study group, reading volume I of Capital.

I knew something about these kids by now. They were all in their early twenties and they were all veterans of “the war,” the popular insurrection against Somoza which had ended four years earlier.

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Pequeña biblioteca comentada

En Español

 Alegre, Manuel. O Homem do País Azul

“El hombre del país azul” es el héroe revolucionario que todos nosotros — los de la generación de Manuel Alegre (n. 1936) y con preocupaciones por la justicia social — nos imaginábamos.

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