Geoffrey Fox – written words


Eros and Thanatos


I’ve reached a stage of life where I think about mortality almost as often as about sex.
Well, maybe not that often, but still, more than I used to. As Dr. Johnson noted, an unappealable deadline concentrates the mind wonderfully.

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En Español

El cuerpo que habito
lo comparto con otro hombre, soltero como yo.
Cuando nos cruzamos en la escalera
— si yo (por ejemplo) voy camino a la boca y él
(por ejemplo) hacia el corazón o la panza –,
nos saludamos correctamente.
Pero en realidad apenas lo conozco.

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Hispanic Nation


U.S. Hispanics are not—most of them, anyway—laying claim to a united territory. It may therefore be objected that Hispanics cannot become a “nation” because they have neither a flag nor a land to fly it over. And if they did, where would it be? A secessionist chunk of the American Southwest? East Harlem? Miami?

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