Geoffrey Fox


Building a Stairway


One of my earliest emblematic accomplishments was the building of a stairway in a barrio of Caracas, just months after graduation from Harvard, when I was a community development volunteer in ACCION en Venezuela (now ACCION International). This is something that has made and continues to make life easier for many people, and was a defining event for my life.

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The problem with the anthropomorphic vision, that there is a “Creator” with something like what we human beings flatter ourselves by calling “intelligence,” is that then people … are mighty tempted to attribute intentionality to it, as though it were a person.

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Welcome to my contri


A new, expanded e-book edition of the book that The New York Times Book Review described as a “frequently powerful collection of short stories” of Latin America that “leaves us thoroughly wrung out — and aware that we are in the presence of a formidable new writer.”

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