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Welcome to my renamed blog and newly designed website. It is the main entrance to my collection of published work of many years, with separate portals for political and social commentary and analysis, literary reviews,  fiction and blog posts, now organized and accessible.

The snippets on the front page, which change at each viewing, will give an idea of the range of topics and fictional works.  There is a search box (at the bottom of the column on the left) for searching the entire site for any key word. You’ll find much on Latin America (including many articles and three books; check out Cuba, Venezuela, the República Dominicana and Argentina). There are also review articles and op-eds on Poland and Yugoslavia, civil society, race relations in the U.S., and other topics, and many briefer notes from my blogs, including this one, “Reflections & Inquiries,” and its predecessors, “Literature & Society” and, going all the way back to 1998, “Unsolicited Comments.” I hope to hear your comments, which I am here soliciting, from the “Contact” link.

The design and settings are the work of an exceptional team of two enterprises in The Netherlands. Their links are right below the search box on the front page.

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