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İstanbul bound


We’re heading back to Turkey, just in time for the snap elections Erdoğan has called for 1 November — because he refuses to accept the results of the vote in the elections last June, which would have required his government to come to an agreement with the opposition. This now-famous and much lampooned photo of the thrones (right) gives us some idea of how he sees himself.

And this column (below) will give you some idea of how most Turks see him. Scary.

The Turkish public is afraid of the president – ERTUĞRUL ÖZKÖK

I’ll be writing about what we see and learn on this trip, our fourth to the country. But I’ll have to be careful not to insult the president — you can get four years for that! Funny, though, nothing happens to AKP parliament members who violently attack journalists.

Royal confab