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Catalonia now


I just wrote this on Facebook to a friend who posted the article from The Nation (link below).
They’ve generated a terrible crisis, together, the independentistas with their lies and impossible promises and the Madrid government with its refusal to discuss the political problem. Independence is impossible now, its costs would be unbearable (and it wouldn’t solve or even address Catalonia’s real problems), which leaves us with about half the Catalonia population—those who fell for the independentistas’ line— deeply frustrated and angry. Angry at their non-independentista neighbors, or at Madrid, or at the people who deliberately misled them: Puigdemont, Junqueras, Mas et al.

The Spanish Government Just Energized Catalonia’s Independence Movement (The Nation, October 4)

Protest against police actions during the banned independence referendum in front of city hall in Pineda de Mar, Spain, October 3, 2017. (Reuters / Albert Gea)