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Coming events!


I’ve got lots to tell you but all our travels and then a connectivity glitch have interrupted my efforts to post. Here is a quick list of upcoming topics, to be developed once we finally get home and can catch up and settle into our work routine.

Iran:  Our ten-day tour (September 7-17) with pictures, notes,  memories and many thoughts to share. Our group  of 12 U.S.-passport holders, organized by The Nation magazine, traveled from Tehran to Kashan, Isfahan, and finally Shiraz, with an extraordinarily capable and good-humored multilingual guide.

I can also tell you of our impressions of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where we stopped for a few days on our way to the Islamic Republic.

New York, Boston and Columbus IN — a lot to say about this eventful sojourn; wait and see why.

Madrid, art and politics — again details to come. Important stuff.