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The thanks of a God-fearing atheist


In Spain, where I live, today is the day of Saint Cecilia — ¡ Muchas felicidades a todas las Cecilias y los Cecilios ! *— but back in the USA where I was born and raised it is, as you have probably heard, Thanksgiving. A  time to give thanks for  all the good things in … read more »

In Iran, 3: Imam Khomeini blinks?


Besides archaeology (see previous note), our busy second day in Tehran, Saturday, September 8, had included the Glass and Ceramic Museum (link below) and the Crown Jewels, safely ensconced in the Central Bank. See the link below for a ten-minute video of its treasures (it takes a few minutes to download), with an entertaining and … read more »

In Iran, 2: The empire at the center of the world


Persian empire

It has now been seven weeks since our return from Iran, and relations between that country and my homeland, the USA, have become even more histrionic. I can’t pretend to know what President Trump thinks about the country, or if he does (I rather doubt it), but his advisers appear to expect the Islamic Republic … read more »

Ten days in Iran: 1


From September 7-17, Susana and I were part of a 12-person tour of Iran  organized by The Nation magazine, from Tehran to Kashan to Isfahan to Persepolis to Shiraz, in the company of an extraordinarily well-prepared and multilingual guide (Ali Sadrnia, the tall man in the back row of the photo of our group, taken … read more »

Coming events!


I’ve got lots to tell you but all our travels and then a connectivity glitch have interrupted my efforts to post. Here is a quick list of upcoming topics, to be developed once we finally get home and can catch up and settle into our work routine. Iran:  Our ten-day tour (September 7-17) with pictures, … read more »