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Another review of “Rabble!”

2022.03.16 - Tags: ,

From Robert (“Bob”) Kolodney in Washington DC, Harvard classmate and active leader of reading groups. Geoffrey Fox does a marvelous job of making the 19th Century come alive through participants in the ill-fated Paris Commune of 1871.   Following the French loss in the Franco Prussian War, there was a brief chance for working class … read more »

Reviews and reader comments on RABBLE!

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Reviews and comments: Reviews posted in Goodreads, Amazon and NetGalley Other reader comments

Research: Fact and fancy in historical fiction

2021.11.04 - Tags: ,

After reading  A Gift for the Sultan and my latest novel, Rabble! , friend and fellow novelist Peter de Lissovoy (links below) wrote me: “I hate to think of all the research you did. But it must have been a joy at times, as you made discoveries, it must have been, given the joy and … read more »

150 years on, the struggle continues

2021.05.28 - Tags:

Barricade, Paris 1871

Today, 28 May 2021, is the 150th anniversary of the final day of “The week of blood”, La semaine sanglante of 21-28 May 1871, that destroyed the Paris Commune. But as in the song by Eugène Pottier “La Commune n’est pas morte…”  Its values are revived and its heroes and heroines quoted in every new … read more »

The Paris Commune and the crisis of imperialism

2021.05.01 - Tags:

Commune(s), 1870-1871 by Quentin Deluermoz My rating: 5 of 5 stars The eruption of the Commune in the spring of 1871 in Paris, the capital of one of richest and most powerful global empires, caused tremendous commotion in all of Europe and beyond. And today, 150 years later, the Commune continues to resound as “a … read more »